As a Head of Department ( HOD) for feature film production, Peta has worked with actors such as Rose Byrne, Mirrand Otto (The Turning 2012), Emily Blunt, Susan Sarandon (‘Irresistible’), Sacha Horler, Matt Day (‘My Year Without Sex’), Jessica Marais, Ben Mendolsohn, John Jarratt (‘Needle’), Colin Friels, Bill Hunter (‘Tom White’) just to name a few.

‘The Turning’ will be released in 2013.

J Soto’s ‘Needle‘ – The first West Australian film to win a “Golden Skull” award at Screamfest (2010) Los Angeles. The film also won awards for Best Cinematography, Best Special Effects and Best Supporting Actress at the 2010 British Horror Film Festival in Bournemouth, England.

Award winning director Sarah Watt’s 2nd feature “My Year Without Sex” studies the ordinary life of a family under extraordinary circumstances.

“Irresistible,” a psychological thriller directed by Ann Turner, staring Susan Sarandon, Emily Blunt and Sam Neill. As Key Make-up Peta was the Head of Department and also Emily’s personal make-up artist.

Another film credit is ‘Tom White’ featuring a homeless Colin Friels and Bill Hunter.

Peta has worked on many student films, and short films including ‘The Tank’ working with director Julius Avery.

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